Friday, January 19, 2007

15 years old

My lovely car

180,000Km odometer

Flaked of hood

Our garden

A narcissus flowers under the American cherry

The first bloming in our garden this year

The American cherry

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Our art gallery 007 (玄関の生け花)

Elephants, Collars and a Girl

Our art gallery 006 (羽ばたく天馬)

This is our son's work. He made it around ten years old.

Our art gallery 006

Dogs in the bathroom

Our garden

Current the garden

The garden on Jan./2001

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Our art gallery 005 (ガラスの靴)

A kind of ivy in the glass boots

Wildflower No1 in the yard (我が庭の野草ー1)

A dandelion in the lawn

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Flower in our garden

A saxifrage

Our art gallery 004 (連れ合いのお気に入りカップ)

A favorite cup (カミサンのお気に入りカップ)

Our art gallery 003 (台所の芸術)

??? and a bamboo handbag

Our art gallery 002 (玄関の生け花)

Elephants and a tulip (木彫りの像と庭に咲いたチューリップ)

Elephants, a tulip, ducks and a girl

Wife's new car

Bought one year ago.


Bought fifteen years ago.


An Insect in my yard (華麗なる蝶の舞い)

Resplendent Butterfly

Resting on the leaf

Dancing under the leafs

Out side of the front door (とっ散らかった玄関前)

There are some kinds of stuff in front of the door.

Funny entrance !!!

An insect in my yard (居座る住人)

The spider catured the sky on my yard.

The spider in the sky, taken Jul. 2006.

Watermelon In the yard (西瓜)

Every year I use to plant Watermelons.
But I can take a watermelon by a seeding each summer.

Photos taken on Jul. 2006.

A vgetable-1 (我が家の野菜-1)

Eggplant in the yard.

A dog in front of the entrance (玄関前の犬)

Our watchdog

A hesitated frog

Befor hibernation, taken on Dec. 2006 due to mild winter.

Our art gallery 001 (応接間と階段したの生け花」)

Ikebana in the drawing room

   ( Understair Ikebana)  階段下の生け花

A sacrifice of Lizard (百舌鳥の生贄)

A worm or a frog impaled on a branch by a shrink.

Taken on Jun. 2006

An insect in my yard No1(我が家に居着く昆虫)

Mantis #1 on the wall,
Taken on 2000.

(我が家の壁にいたカマキリ #1 、2000年撮影)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Western Peach Tree (西の桃の木)

This is another one which was down at same time and in the same yard. It was taken as same like Eastern Peach Tree.

It is today's picture of the tree, 4th/Jan./2007

Earsten Peach Tree (東の桃の木)

This is a peach tree which was planted six years ago in my yard. This picture was taken five years ago.


It is exactly today's picture of the tree, 4th/Jan./2007.

Story of our house (我が家の出来事)

This is our house which I and my wife live in.

I will write something and insert some photos of the place in this blog.