Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lopping and Replanting

This is the Cycad which AyeYai favorite.

AyeYai asked me for cutting branches today.

She knows I never say "No".

She likes the cut Cycad.
I replanted a new vegetable in our garden.

These are cucumber which she demanded.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photography event and Concert - #2

After photography event, it's time to have lunch.
This set is a kind of appetizer, it's typical Japanese style.

This is Soba lunch set.

This is the concert scenery.

The concert was quartet which is made up a flute, violin, viola and Cello.
We enjoyed this concert for 1.5 hours.

What enormous trees! How old are you?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Photography event and Concert - #1

We had a photography event and enjoyed a concert at Haruna Shrine yesterday.
This is the scenery on the way of the concert venue.
The following pictures are landscape of neighboring Haruna Shrine.

Haruna Shrine was built 1400 years ago.
We can feel the long history at someplace.
We had a good day yesterday.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Answer of the quiz, "Waht a kind of flower?"

I posted this flower as the quiz on 27 April.
The answer is radish.

I uprooted all of the radishes today.
These are all stuffs who are taking in the shade of the cherry tree.

Here is a radish village!?! Ha.ha.ha.....

Today's runners!

Yesterday' and Today's strawberry harvest : 110 and 110, Total : 11976g
Number of today's runner : 42p, Total : 849p

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Photography event in the early morning

AyeYai had photography event yesterday morning at our garden.

She is hooked on using her new camera.
This is one of her work.

Here is my work.
Which one do you like?
Today's strawberry harvest : 130g, Total : 11976g
Number of today's runner : 0p, Total : 807p

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Potato's Flower

I found out a flower of a potato plant this morning.

There are some insects on the flower.

We expect big harvest this year also.

Today's strawberry harvest : 215g, Total : 11846g
Number of today's runner : 0p, Total : 807p

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Abutilon ( チロリアンランプ Tyrolean lamp)

This plant came from my sister's garden.
There are many kind of plants in pots at her garden.

She can film all flower in the pots from various angle like these pictures.

This is today's Tyrolean lamp.
It's different between today's and yesterday's Tyrolean lamp.

This is today's flower of Tyrolean lamp in the pot.
You can move it to anywhere.
(Today's runners)
Today's strawberry harvest : 410g, Total : 11631g
Number of today's runner : 66p, Total : 807p

Monday, May 18, 2009

Today's flowers

Campanula punctata Lam (ホタルブクロ、 Hotalubukuro)

Japanese Persimmon (柿 Kaki)

Azalea (ツツジ Tsutsuji)

Abutilon ( チロリアンランプ Tyrolean lamp)

Today's strawberry harvest : 269g, Total : 11221g
Number of today's runner : 0p, Total : 741p

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Replant of Tomatoes and Eggplants

I replanted more seven tomatoes and three eggplants after digging out the cherry-1 yesterday.

The strawberry bed is surrounded by the green plants which are the mustard family.
I took out then like the following picture.

There are the seven replanted tomatoes.
There are the three replanted eggplants.
These green bars can avoid a cat to use here as a toilet.
Now we have six eggplants and eleven tomatoes.
Today's strawberry harvest : 408g, Total : 10952g
Number of today's runner : 0p, Total : 741p

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Matter for Regret

This stubble is the cherry-1 which had ratoon on this March.
But it died down now.

So I decided to dig out it today.
I cut of the branches at the start.
And then digging, and cutting the roots.

It had thick roots. I worked hard today.

Biggest one up th the present date in this season

Starting from the left, 18g : 33g : 4g.
(Today's runners. )

Yesterday' and Today's strawberry harvest : 503g and 510g, Total : 10544g
Number of today's runner : 70p, Total : 741p

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Morning walk in the city parks

We took a walk in the city parks this early morning.

Definitely AyeYai is walking with her single-lens reflex camera.
The season of new green leaves is beautiful.

(Today's harvest and runners)

Today's strawberry harvest : 1130g, Total : 9531g
Number of today's runner : 103p, Total : 671p

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jabara (柑橘類 Kankitsurui)

This is Jabara which is a kind of Chinese Lemon.

I sow it first time.
It's unusual shape for me.

We can use a fruit of it as a true Lemon for cocking.

I am looking forward to harvesting the fruit.

Today's strawberry harvest : 947g, Total : 8401g
Number of today's runner : 0p, Total : 568p