Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our art gallery 011 (特設画廊)

This gallery was passage leading from enterance to our living room.

This gallery was made by my wife. She sealed the door.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

New families

My wife’s father has given us these six young plants of strawberry. There are three kinds of strawberry. Name of first one is Maxim, second one is Iberry and last one is Akihime, each two young plants. Therefore there are four kinds of them in our garden.

Iberry #1

Iberry #2

Akihime #1

Akihime #2

Maxim #1

Mxim #2

Today's our garden

Camellia in the morning haze.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Today's our garden

#1 Peach at lift
Camellia at left

#2 Peach



Pheasant's eyes

Strawberry fields

This is #1 field and planters.

This is #2 field and planters of gland chrysanthemum.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Pheasant's eyes under the peach

Picture taken ten days ago

Today's picture
Pheasant's eyes under the peach

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Our art gallery 010 (玄関の生け花)

This Ikebana is my wife's work made six years ago. I like very mch this one in her works.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Spring has come

It's a mild winter, strawberry is blooming, but strange claimate.

Pheasant's eyes of under the peach tree

Garland chrysanthemum
We enjoy eating the leaves as temura sometimes.

Saturday morning

This pictures are taken by my wife at today's early morning.

She will use them on her blog someday. I named them art of kitchen.
In this new year, when our daughter came back to our home from Tokyo, at that time she recommended my wife to start making blog. After she went go back to Tokyo, my wife recommended me to do that also. So we started to do that making each own one on the early January.

Since then she overdose on making her blog. And she use to take a lot of pictures everyday and cook for taking picture edibles for her blog. When I was in the kitchen from upstairs early this morning. she did take some pictures and was making a bread. And she said to herself as she was setting wheat dough " this wheat dough will be not swollen,", and said " because of low temperature in the kitchen". She said to me, " please wait for two hours for the breakfast ".

Therefore, I am watering the strawberry in my yard for waiting the breakfast. After a time, she comes out of house, and she whisper to me, " I made a unleavended bread" and " I did have experimentation backing a bread without yeast. But I heard that twice?.
仕方なく、庭にイチゴに水を撒いていると、彼女が静かに近づき、そっとささやくように’今回はイースト菌抜きのパンを実験的につくってみた。’ 以前にも同じようなセリフを聞いたかな?

This picture is the breads. But no one says a bread. Of course it was good. I am sure she will do third trial in near feature.