Saturday, November 24, 2007

Murasakishikibu (紫式部)

This tree is named Murasakishikibu has defoliated, so I lopped today.

This was before defoliating with a lot of purple pyrenes.

These are the purple pyrenes.

Strange phenomenon (異変)

Today, I found out a lizard under a planter in our garden.
It seems that the lizard has entered into hibernation.
At the same time,

We can see the flowers of Shibazakura,

and a flower of Strawberry in our garden.

The both use to be blooming in Spring.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Year-to-date (今日この頃)

I tried remodeling our garden this month.
The following two pictures are same place photo.
The left-hand photo is a year ago, right-hand is latest view.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Orange osmanthus (金木犀)

We use to enjoy the floral fragrance every year.

Today I have done blanch lopping when my wife went out.

(Before Cutting)

When she came back then. she said " I don't like to live in house with such a garden.

(After Cutting)

I think, I have done good job.
Why did she said such a thing?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The resting-place of Strawberries (苺の越冬場所)

This place is the resting -place of strawberries from Jun to October.
The construction is accomplishment. And all strawberries moved to their field for producing fruits.

Photo on 4th Nov.

The strawberries used to be moved to here from the strawberry filed after finished harvestry. After the harvestry of strawberry, we can be enjoying sweet corns at the same filed.

Photo on 30th Apr. Photo on 14th Aug.

Photo on 22th Apr.

I started a construction for preventing grow in weeds in the pavement stone.
Photo on 8th Apr.