Monday, March 31, 2008

Weed 006 (名無しの権兵衛) "Radish" 「大根」

According to AyeYaiYai's Blog, this flower's name is radish.

The flower of this weed is very tiny.

There are the flowers in the backyard.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cleyera japonica (榊)

The both are today's Cleyera japonica.
It is fundamental gala ceremony like ceremony for sanctifying ground "Jichin Sai" "地鎮祭",

Of course, marriage ceremony too!!!

Photo on 23rd Mar.

The backdrop is the strawberry field.

We had a brief drive by her driving.
She took pictures intently at a field for her blog like a OTAKU.

Harvest of Kakina (かき菜の収穫 007 & 料理)

I said to her yesterday,
"I will achieve to make dishes using Kakina as food material myself for you".
Therefore please plan some menus to use the vegetable.

I was picking them the day before yesterday, and I could be picking today and eating.

Before picking ........................................... After picking

In the end, She made the following dishes. So I was enjoying these taste.

Oyster risotto with Kakina "Kaki to Kakina no Zosui" "牡蠣とかき菜の雑炊 "

Kakina Rolled egg "かき菜入り玉子焼き"

Blending Sesame "Tofu and Kakina" "Kakina no Shiraae"

Friday, March 28, 2008

Our art gallery 032 (階段脇の画廊)

She arranged the camellias are from her parents' garden.

The both cats seem to be happy under the flowers.

Next time, what's kind of staff or stuff coming here?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Harvest of Kakina (かき菜の収穫 003,004,005,006)

This is today's harvest.

The harvest on 24th Mar.

The harvest on 23th Mar.

The harvest on 19th

We be able to enjoy fresh vegetable as Miso Soup.
Thank you Kakina, Sunshine, Nature and Spring!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Collaboration (訪問者と居候の競演)

This is continuation of yesterday morning.
It's just a dewy spider's web.

The fog as visitor made the clear outline of the web.
It's exactly collaboration the fog and a spider.

But I couldn't the spider as inhabitant on the web.

After the fog deserted our garden, it was difficult to find out web.
When I was going to work at around nine o'clock, I made her to see it.
But we couldn't find out it in just a sec.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Morning haze (朝の訪問者)

Today's visitor was Fog in the early morning.
So the around scenery is hazy.

But it made a stay for just one hour.

The set of strawberries are grow up for three weeks.
(Photo on third Mar.)........................(Today's strawberries in the haze)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Weed 005 (名無しの権兵衛) "Dandelion" 「タンポポ」

This may be Dandelion "Tanpopo" 「タンポポ」 in Japanese.
Teh shape of stamen is quite impressive.

Sound of "Tanpopo" 「タンポポ」 is an easy on the ear, very lovely sound.

This is welsh onions which were sent by a rice farmer.
She usually by rice from a farmer directory via NET sales more one year ago.

The farmer used to send rice with vegetables, carrot, spinach, burdock, welsh onion and etc.
Yesterday, the rice was sent to our house with several kind of vegetables.
She made me to plant the sent welsh onions.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weed 004 (名無しの権兵衛) "Sumire" 「スミレ」

She also knows its name, Violet "Sumire"「すみれ」 in Japanese.
Shows what I know the name.
I thought Sumire means Pansy. But it seems difference between them.

It's in our parking area which is very dangerous zone for the violet.

Yesterday, our son came to here from Tokyo.
He did play pair with his friend a tennis match which be held here today.
Before I know it. He was back and went back to Tokyo by his friend car.

This is his new PC which we gave as present of graduation one year late.
We bought it with him at here two weeks ago.
But when he go back to Tokyo, he leave the adapter of his PC.
So he never use it for two weeks. Now it is installing the office application.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weed 003 (名無しの権兵衛)「三味線・撥」

She knows name of this plant, shepherd's purse.
It's called Nazuna "ナズナ", PenPenGusa"ペンペングサ" in Japanese.
There is funny story regarding PenPenGusa's name mean.
It is that the shape of the seed like a plecture of Shamisen "三味線"which is a Japanese traditional stringed instrument. It has three strings and be played using a plectrum to be called "BACHI" "撥"in Japanese.
Shamisen's tone color is just Pen Pen.

We never care these weeds, but they can grow up at anywhere.

Today's daffodils in our garden.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Practice for Mixed Chorus (合唱の練習)

This is a example of musical score made by PC.
The soft name is MINO system MIDI sequencer.
You can get the soft via the following URL.
When I practice my part of the mixed chorus. I use this soft and I put my tonal scale on the music sheet.
Yesterday, I put my part on the sheet. The upper is for piano's accompaniment
We will hold mini concert on May before holding the big concert Ninth Symphony on every end of year.
The bottom is one of scores which we will sing on the mini concert.
I will sing bass part at the mini concert.

Recently, she found out a new site for making musical score.
The following URL is it, but I don't use it still.

The entrance on one day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Camellia in light rain (小雨の中の椿)

It's light rainy day.
Rain at one word, but we have several kind of rains.
Scotch mist, Light rain, Rain shower, Rain gush, Fire storm!!
I feel that the light rain is the most gentleness and changes a human mind.

And it will change a flower shape also.
Hotokenoza "henbit" changes the shape also.

Boke "Japanese quince" is too!!
It seems it must chenge her to be very lady.
What's a quietness day today!

An-out-of season visitor (季節外れの訪問者)

This is a kind of locust, but it's very strange to see it in early spring season.

General speaking, such a kind of insect will be in autumn. Why by this time?

Photo on 15th March.

The weed 002 is named henbit "hotokenoza" ”ホトケノザ” in Japanese.

As if this is Grove of Henbit.(?)