Saturday, May 23, 2009

Answer of the quiz, "Waht a kind of flower?"

I posted this flower as the quiz on 27 April.
The answer is radish.

I uprooted all of the radishes today.
These are all stuffs who are taking in the shade of the cherry tree.

Here is a radish village!?! Ha.ha.ha.....

Today's runners!

Yesterday' and Today's strawberry harvest : 110 and 110, Total : 11976g
Number of today's runner : 42p, Total : 849p


Michelle said...

Oh wow! I did not know that radishes are in the mustard family. Thank you for educating me. :)

The radish photograph is hysterical! I have to show it to my friends at work. Those radishes look SO much like people, I am amazed!

C4 said...

I absolutely love the radish village!

hero爺 said...

Michelle san
Thank you for your advertising campaign.

C4 san
Thank you for your comment.
You must be like me!?!